Lapdance workshop

During lap dance workshops you will learn sexy, spicy , feminine moves, floor work (dancing on the floor) and dance moves with a use of a chair. We will practice seductive attitude and moves, improvisation and yes yes yes, lap dance moves. The girls will give lap dance to each other, switching the roles. At the end of the workshops we will learn a choreography where we will take some clothes off!

We can agree before, how far you girls would like to go.

Also the workshops level, intensity and choreography is adjusted to the groups requirements. If you wish , at the end of the workshops you can film the choreography and make a group picture ( for your own use).

Duration: 90 min (including a short break half way through the workshop.
Price: 200 EUR per group

– High heels
– Comfortable clothes

take with you a lot of energy and sex appeal !

* If it is a bachelor party, the bachelorette will get extra attention during the workshops.